Submarine Association Insignia

Australian Submarine Association

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The Sharkhunters began as a WWII U Boat history group that has slowly evolved into a more general submarine history club, althought its roots are still firmly entrenched in der ubootwaffe. Their logo is available on small enameled lapel pins, about one-inch wide. Multiple year membership pins are similar with the number or years of membership indicated on the pin. The logo is based on the WWII German badge with the swatztika removed with a stylized globe in its place. A prototype pin (with a round globe and no swatztika or eagle) was made but not used.

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Submarine Association of Canada

The Submarine Association of Canada is a Canadian Subvets group actively involved in promoting Canada's subforce and retaining the fine tradtions of their submarine operations. There are chapters across Canada and are active on the internet. Go to to check out their website! They have several badges (a brooch, lapel pin and cap badge) in addition to a blazer crest with their logo on it.

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Submarine Old Comrades Association

The Submarine Old Comrades Association (SOCA) has its roots in Great Britain but has expanded to other members of the Commonwealth. The circular logo with a crown and sub is available in pins, smaller stick pins, blazer crests and probably other versions. Sub silhouette pins for the SOCA also exist.
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Submarine Veterans of WWII

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Submariners International

Submariners International is a worldwide (predominantly European) sub veteran's group based in Great Britain.
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US Submarine Veterans

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